The #MyLouisiana Project

In #MyLouisiana, there are no second class citizens.

The My Louisiana Project is a statewide video compilation project that seeks to tell the aspirational story of Louisianians who know their home is better than its obstacles. The Justice Alliance is asking for ordinary people to share extraordinary visions of what they’re Louisiana looks like.

To participate, submit a video (no longer than 90-seconds) below of yourself telling the world what your Louisiana looks like; tell them that your Louisiana is better than it’s leadership, better than it’s present, more equitable, more just. Share your dreams for our shared home and make it a reality.

We will show the videos at the 2019 My Louisiana Equality & Equity Summit.

tell us what your louisiana looks like

To participate in the #MyLouisiana project, please record a short video clip – no longer than 90-seconds – using the phrase “In My Louisiana…” before telling the world what your Louisiana that you want to leave for the next generation looks like. Does your Louisiana treat all people fairly? Does your Louisiana tackle our environmental crisis? Does systemic racism in our criminal justice system get addressed in your Louisiana?