About Us


The Justice Alliance is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization committed to supporting and amplifying the capacities of community-based, coalition-led Louisiana campaigns for social justice reform at the state and local level. We do this by providing advocacy, strategic communications, research, and organizing services to those campaigns to help them get over the proverbial finish line. We’re strategic about the campaigns we engage in and committed 100% to those we are a part of.


The Justice Alliance was founded in 2016 to create a campaign-style mechanism for amplifying and supporting social justice movements in Louisiana. The concept for The Justice Alliance was born out of our founder’s leadership during the 2014-15 school-to-prison pipeline campaign he led in Illinois that resulted in the most successful & comprehensive school discipline reform effort in the nation. During that campaign, it was apparent that most public policy reform efforts – particularly those focused on social justice and inequality – often lacked not only the financial resources necessary to achieving success, but also the political & strategic resources that would be necessary to combating the interests that would inevitably fight progress. As a result, our founder moved back home and The Justice Alliance was born, formed to help provide political, policy, and strategic support to social justice campaigns in Louisiana. Founded with an inaugural board that consisted of prominent Louisiana social justice champions like Rev. Alexis Anderson of PREACH, Gary Chambers of The Rouge Collection, and Linda Johnson Franks of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Reform Coalition, The Justice Alliance has grown to become one of the most visible conveners of statewide social justice stakeholders in Louisiana.



We employ a fierce urgency of now as we work towards transforming policy goals into law through direct advocacy and engagement with local political leaders.


We work with our coalition partners to develop the necessary communications tools to ensure the right message reaches the right constituencies.


The Justice Alliance helps the campaigns we work with craft a data-driven policy argument for reform and craft the policy solution that the coalition seeks to have implemented.


We work in coordination with our coalitions to organize communities and constituencies across the state to be informed and mobilized in support of the campaigns we support.